Sunday, March 12, 2017

Journal of the Lord High Constable, Part 6

The first course was being cleared as Caitlin approached our table. She wanted me to follow her away from the eyes of everyone, but my outrage at her appearance could not be contained. Neither could my father's. The other Houses got the family drama they all secretly crave to see at such feasts. This time it was House Redgard performing. Little do they know, that they shall soon receive its sequel.

We played her game, and followed her out. I took the guardsmen so not as to be lured into a trap. Connal has already been injured by trickery.
Awaiting us was Vijur Dayne.

His first act was a wise one. He fell to one knee and offered the hammer back to my father. I admit this caught me off guard. He claimed that what had happened had not been his intent and that my sister had been a little headstrong in her actions.

We exchanged words. Mostly me expressing my outrage at everything. And my sister begging that I listen to her apparent “love”, she even slapped me at one point. Shame we were not on stage it would have given the other houses a very satisfying performance. We paused when Vijur asked that house Redgard help him retake the throne for House Dayne. My father requested I stepped outside with him to discuss it. I whispered to Alistair to kill Vijur if he tries to leave or attempt anything then stepped out with father.

Father wants to use this as ammunition in our bid for power tonight. I was however unsure of whether it was the  wisest course of action for our House. If we made a claim to the throne ourselves, it would be difficult sure but once we succeeded we would have total control of the crown. Father opposed saying we would fail to garner enough support with knowledge of a living Dayne out there somewhere. I tried to take the hammer from him then, and offered to end the line of Dayne. Fathers ambition faltered then, claiming it was a step too far. That we should be more cautious and use Vijur’s claim to set him up on the throne as our puppet. But with only hours to decide on what path to take and no time to fully account for if this was the best course of action, I agreed that we should go back in and listen to Vijur.

As we rejoined my sister and her “Love” I spoke little. This time I listened. I had such a short time to learn of this man that could potentially be our key to rulership. I asked a few questions to learn the important facts about him.

The deciding point came when I learned his true motivation. He claimed that he had taken his path to reclaiming the throne, so that he may avenge his House and see the Duke dead.
This we can work with.

I made him the offer of our house’s help. But under the condition that he makes his claim only to then renounce control to House Redgard. He proved to be slightly willful, but not one practiced in working out deals. For his house’s sake he wanted to retain the crown for Dayne. So we agreed that Dayne could remain as the monarch of Dorn. However the rulership of the realm would be given to House Redgard and we would be named as Regents of the realm.

Vijur requested that Earl Esben have a place on the small council. I suppose the man has loyalty to him after being raised there. However it's best not to count your eggs before they hatch, and talk of who shall be appointed where is a discussion for after tonight.