Monday, March 13, 2017

From the Journal of Magnus Sedrig, Flashback (Part 1)

thunderday 5th of highsun

today father said i had to learn to fight like barne is doing because im a big boy now and boys need to fight.

i had to fight with master eric but i wasnot good at it. it was only pretend but i still fell over lots of times and got hurt on my bum. i was sad because barne laughed at me and told me to stop crying even though i was not crying and so i was angry but hes too big to fight so i ran away!!

Magnus as a child
i read my book which is really good because its at the bit where lord dayne fights the big dragon and wins. even though the dragon is much bigger and stronger than him he still wins the fight because he is brave and clever!

mother came to see me and told me its okay to not be good at things rite away because everyone is bad at things the first time they try to do them. this cheereded me up because it was true because i used to not be able to write but i kept trying and now i can write. i can even write better than barne and he is 6 years older than me!

towerday 10th of highsun

today i had to fight with master eric again like every day since the last time i wrote in this diary. i did better today because i only got knocked over 4 times and eric said i did really good. barne laughed at me again and called me a shit head so i got angry and i threw my sword at him. it was only wood but still really hard so it hit him and he got really angry and tried to beat me up but i was too fast and i ran away and everyone laughed at him.

i started reading a new book about a goldeer called verazzamassass its a funny book and father says its silly because its all not true but i think its still nice to read it. in the book varazamaz tricks a king into giving him all his money and the king is angry and trys to put him in the dungeon but varasamasam is clever and he casts a spell on the kings carpet and flies away on it to the sea.

eric told father and mother that i throwed my sword at barne and i got in trouble because they said its not okay to hurt people just because they are mean to you and i had to say sorry to barne even though he tried to hurt me too!

wineday 11th of highsun

today master eric and all the fighter men had to go with father to a meeting so we didnot have to fight today. barne and jed and me went to the woods to look for foxes and we didn’t find any but we found a stream and played pirates instead. then we heard some one coming so we hid in the bushes and stayed very quiet and some peasant women came along and took off their clothes and washed in the stream. jed and me thought it was funny but barne was really quiet and acting strange and got really angry at us when we laughed.

when we got back to the castle we got in trouble because we were muddy and we didn’t take a guard with us but barne got in the most trouble because he is the oldest and should know better.

i read some more of the varazazazmaz book and this time he gets stuck on an island with little people that want to eat him but varazamass makes his skin taste like lemons so the little people don’t like the way he tastes and they let him go. then he talks to a friendly sea monster and helps him learn to sing and the sea monster take veraszases across the ocean.

towerday 17th of highsun

today i got in really bad trouble and now i am not allowed to go out of my room.

i had to fight with master eric like normal but afterwards barne wanted to fight me. i didn’t want to fight barne because he is too big but master eric said i should so i tryed very hard but he beat me and it hurt quite bad. i got really angry and screamed at barne and he flewed accross the yard and hit into a fence. he was okay but hurt bad and everyone was angry or scared or sad with me.

father says i might have to go away to the akademy and that might be good because thats where the goldeer like verazzamass live even though he is not real but it might be bad because i won’t get to see mother or barne or jed or martha for a long time and i will miss them a lot. mother was very sad that i hurt barne but does not want me to go away but she is a woman so it does not matter what she says.

i read some more of my book and verasamaz goes away to a far away land and meets a sulteen and the sulteens daughter was turned into a tiger by an evil wizard so verasamaz is going to turn her back in to a person but only if he gets to marry her afterwards.