Saturday, February 18, 2017

The Journal of Magnus Sedrig, continued...

From the Journal of Magnus Sedrig

Moonday the 1st of Redfall 890 TA - Even Later

Yet more threads are spun into this tangled web of intrigue! So much is happening at once, I feel today is a turning point in the history of Erenland! I get ahead of myself, here are the occurrences since my last entry.

Arik continued to argue with his brother, trying to convince him to ally with Fergus against the Duke. This seemed like a sensible course of action to me, the Duke is a DEPLORABLE and un-loved TRAITOR to his own people. Even if he isn’t directly working for the Shadow, the hatred that festers in the hearts of his subjects is going to lead to disunity and war eventually. Better to be rid of him now while we still have a chance to make ourselves ready for Izrador’s return. The Sharif seemed to care little if the Dornish nobility tore itself apart in war, it’d make us easier to control after all, but eventually our common sense penetrated his thick skull and he agreed to at least meet Fergus.

During the debate, I drew attention to the Spirit of Erethor. I am an envoy of Queen Aradil after all, my words should carry some weight with even the most stubborn of horselords. This prompted the Sharif to ask if I was associated with an Elf recently taken into custody by Sahi Sunulael. I’m not, at least I don’t think I am. It may just be a coincidence, but an Elf wouldn’t stray so far from home without a good reason and as a friend of all Eldar I should make it a priority to find this Elf and ensure their free treatment. Nothing I can do for them right now though.

Note: A Sahi is a type of Sarcosan Holy Man, he’s very important. I believe he outranks the Shariff.

We found ourselves dismissed, and I took the opportunity to ask Arik about the prisoner with the missing memories. We arrived at the prison tent and immediately I could tell something felt  SMELT wrong. Throwing back the tent flap my nose was assaulted by the foul stench of death, a CLOUD of fat black carrion flies poured from the tent, revealing the desiccated corpse of a man. Supressing the urge to wretch, I opened my third eye and inspected the prisoner's corpse. What I saw shook me to my core. The AERDRA ITSELF had been corrupted around the husk, in place of the usual lines of magic there was a sinister black web of corruption. I’ve never even heard RUMORS of magic like this before, it’s presence raises many questions. Is someone in Erenhead practicing forbidden sorcery? If so, who? If not, can the power of the Shadow reach this far South? Whatever the truth of the matter, my position here just grew that much delicate.

Arik and I attempted to bring this revelation to his Brother, but he was in a meeting with the Sahi… and APPARENTLY we weren’t important enough to interrupt under any circumstances. FRUSTRATING, to say the least, but we hadn’t any time to waste arguing with the trolls guarding the Sahi’s tent. Our own progress blocked, we returned to Erenhead to catch up with Fergus, perhaps he had uncovered something since we saw him last?

Note: Borrowed a sword. It’s of Sarcosan make. A little light for my tastes, but it’ll suffice for now.

We regrouped with Fergus and exchanged details of all we had learnt: our meeting with the Sharif, the moon axe, the abominable magic. Fergus had a favour to ask, one of his men had been ambushed during the course of his duties and I was to inspect a wound that looked suspiciously like magic. I feared that we might be dealing with more of the corrupted Sorcery that killed the prisoner but after inspecting the wound I was relieved to find that whilst it was arcane in nature, it was at least caused by  “regular” magic. I couldn’t determine the exact nature of the attack and, my own knowledge depleted, I called upon the aid of Vallo Embridge - magister in my father’s court. Vallo briefly checked the wound and remarked matter-of-factly that is was caused by WYRMCLAW OF HOUSE DAYNE! The implication of what he’d just said sunk in and his face took on a stricken look. A look mirrored in the face of every Dorn present. It appears not only has a Dayne heir survived all these years, but they are in Erenhead, and they aren’t sitting idle!