Sunday, February 26, 2017

Journal of the Lord High Constable, Part 5

As we left the hospital to go our separate paths, Magnus began to speak of capturing and not killing the man who had become the root of many of our problems.

I reminded Magnus of my house words.

“Honour the Name”

He made the case that a Dayne might bring stability to Dorn.

I reminded him that this man who has hidden in the shadows for 25 years. Who instead of seeking out help from a house that would have supported him, he joined up with insurrectionists. Who has stolen my house weapon and sister. Who has cowardly attacked one of my men.
He is no Dayne. Merely a shadow of what the house was.

I do not know for certain who Arik listened to. For ultimately I believe that whether to take the final blow will be his choice to make. His determination to protect his brother, and skill with his spear will ensure that.

I returned to the chambers in the palace. My last confrontation with Kali still left a cold air in the room. I ordered her servant and my men leave us alone, this needed to be a talk of man and wife. As she ignored me I took of the mantle of my position. My armour and cape pushed aside I stood before her as Fergus. A man she has seen little of.
I began to try and explain to her that all I have ever wanted was to protect our House. And that our son was a part of that House, his return was something that had weighed on me since he was taken. It fell on deaf ears.

I held nothing back, she needed to hear what I was about to do this night. For us! I told her of the Dukes dismissal of me. And that I planned to challenge him to single combat, to the death.
She begged me to not take this course of action. Fearing our son would bear the brunt of a repercussion. She did not seem to air a concern for my life, since it will be the one on the line.

I tried explaining it was the only way forwards. That if I won the Duke would no longer stand between us and Ethan. She should have be overjoyed at the prospect of his return. That I would risk my own life to make it so.

But I saw the wall come down. She did not listen. Blinded by her concern and lack of trust in me. She may as well have stabbed me with a dagger to the chest then, because it felt that way. Not just because of her lack of trust in me, but because I knew what I would have to do to stop her interfering.

I dressed for the feast and left. Ordering Kali and her servant not be allowed to attend the feast or leave the chambers. And so leaving with my own wound from her, I immediately deal my own strike back. Is it possible for me to ever have happiness with Kali, as we once had?

Walking to the great hall I saw the Duke and Cuylar Dale preparing for the tour. It would appear the rumours of a living Dayne has shaken the Duke. He had many more men to guard him. It may be advantageous that he isn't in his best state of mind. But then neither am I. The burdens each of us bear are heavy ones.

As I looked on, Magnus approached me. It seems they had made little progress despite my men's assistance. No matter there is little time for any distractions now. I have faith in the men I have positioned.

Magnus has been detached from Dorn for a while. But not long enough that he forgets the Duke’s betrayal of our land. He is of the same mind that he needs to be replaced. It didn't seem to overly shock him when I told him I was to challenge him tonight.

He was more concerned with getting the Elven scripture that was taken from him. If he is indeed an envoy of the elves I shall make sure he is properly heard. But that is tomorrow's worries. I assured him I would listen and return his document if I was to replace the Duke. He may be a man of poor reputation, but that can be rebuilt. And his skills will undoubtedly benefit the realm, I’d prefer he helps as a friend.

In the great hall I arrived long before the other guests. I spoke to the organiser of the entertainment. As expected he was surprised when I told him I’d personally perform a song with my sister. He was hesitant but I know how to command a man, he listened and will do as he’s told. I’ll go on near the end of the 5th course. A good amount of time to let everyone get comfortable and let their guards down. It will give my words impact.

Luckily my dear sister Morven finally showed up. She was apparently searching for Caitlin alone. Perhaps I should have a man follow her as well to make sure she doesn't do anything foolish next time. She accused me of letting my men do everything for me, but when I revealed I had found out more than her, she soon changed her tune. I let her know we’ll sing the Unification of Eris Aman together during the feast. Morven I can at least rely upon it seems.

As the feast has started father is getting cold feet. He wanted to hold off in light of this rumor of a living Dayne. To hell with that. If father is growing too weak willed to take his claim now, perhaps I shall. I’ll not let our house fail to rise to true greatness because of a rumour.

“Honour the Name!”