Saturday, February 18, 2017

Journal of the High Constable, Part 4

I needed a place to gather myself in preparation for what is to come this night. But this place is not like home, and nowhere can I find respite from the constant barrage of problems.

Kali awaited me at our palace chambers. She came to this place with such elation of the prospect of being reunited with our son after 7 years apart from him.

But the request for him to come and see us was avoided or ignored. I had suspected something was amiss. Kali has discovered on her own that Ethan isn’t even in Erenhead.
For me this is just one of the many insults the Duke continues to throw at me. However for Kali I could see it was her world and her hope crumbling. She begged me to go the the Duke and confront him about this matter. For obvious reasons it is out of the question. The time for negotiating with him has passed, but I had no idea how to tell Kali that.

I shield her too much from my affairs and the happenings of my House. Too much. I can see I have smothered her. The way she looked at me.

I can stand before the mustered forces of the North and speak to them as their commander and comrade. I can inspire men to follow me anywhere, towards death if need be. But I cannot talk to my wife. It always comes out wrong, like I’m ordering her as I would a soldier.

I commanded that she not leave our chamber. I would not have her further complicating the situation. I have hurt her, but it shall be worth it. By the end of the night the Duke will no longer hold our son hostage. Or I shall die fighting the Duke and she will be rid of her terrible husband.
Either way perhaps I should go to her and explain myself properly. It may after all, be the last she hears of me.

I needed to set a last wheel in motion. I had Connall Crannach tracked down. Unfortunately he was wounded but had managed to fulfil most of his assignment. Knowing of my sisters foolish attempt at courting I had him keep a close eye on her to ensure her whereabouts didn’t go unchecked. His wound was already festering so I had him moved out of that awful place and taken to a more reputable hospital so that he may have a better chance of survival. Hopefully Magnus will know something, perhaps this is the “Dark Sorcery” he keeps raving about.  

Connall’s information required decisive action be taken. I assembled the Guerrilla forces that had smuggled themselves into the city.

This included going to the dungeons and bribing the jailer to release the ones that didn't manage to smuggle themselves successfully. He didn’t require much persuasion when presented with coin. The cells were almost at capacity anyway, no one will notice their absence.

The men split into 2 teams. One for the tannery and one for the Pig and Whistle tavern. I gave them orders to be on their guard and watch each other's backs. They will liaison with Connall in the hospital for guidance on the matter. I also commanded that they assist Arik if he came. They have their doubts about a Sarcosan I’m sure, but these men know to listen to my command. Plus it's Ariks brother who is at threat here.

The wheels all in motion I decided to get in some combat practice. It's a good way to clear my mind. With a hammer in hand I can deal with the enemy before me. Its simple. Black and white. Win or die. It will be me who wins.   

Arik and Magnus rejoined me. I had them come with me to see Connall so that Magnus may inspect his wound. He however did not know its origin. Calling the High Magister Vallo Embridge, he revealed it was caused by the deceased King’s blade Wyrmclaw.
So it would seem the Duke did not manage to kill the entire Dayne family. An interesting rumor that will surely spread. But it matters not. Times have changed. Someone’s blood does not necessarily make them fit to rule.

If the heir lives then where have they been these past 25 years that House Redgard have been building support against the Duke? Hiding. There is more to ruling than just having the right blood. I shall prove that.

“Honour the Name!”