Monday, February 6, 2017

Journal of the High Constable, Part 3

We sat content of our victory over the rebels. However, the Duke's captain along with an unreasonable quantity of guards came to us. He demanded we all came with him, under arrest.
Arrest? The first slight in what would be a meeting of slights and travesties.

The Duke should have been sending me an envoy to kiss my arse and thank me for the service I had just rendered his poorly maintained city. Things had, to be fair happened quickly. So I went assuming that once I had explained to the Duke what had just transpired I would receive the apology that was now deserved.

Upon entering the palace we were asked to relieve ourselves of our weapons. Odd that the Duke would fear a few armed men. Regardless I had a servant take my hammer back to my guest suite. Arik, being less comfortable with his surroundings refused to be disarmed. So they had him taken elsewhere.

Another slight. Not at me but the Sarcosans. The brother of the Sharif and an envoy of peace is not a man you deny the right to a weapon and then force into a side room.

The audience with the Duke, as it turns out was him trying to exercise his position to give me a “Dressing down”. He ranted and raved about my actions undermining his authority. Somehow by dealing with would be assassins the man has imagined that I have embarrassed him. Three slights and counting.

He sounded like a man who knew he was loosing his hold on his rule.
But what can you expect if you kill the high king and his entire house. Then quickly usurp his position by selling out his nation to the Sarcosans.

After the Duke had finished his power trip, I explained to him the situation I had dealt with and he was forced to acknowledge its necessity. Of course he wanted to impose his own conditions upon my continuation of the investigation.

Before I left he questioned my association with Magnus Sedrig. The answer to which he didn't listen too was that his men not mine had bought him to the chamber. And that he had merely followed me.  
Magnus produced what looks like some elven scripture. Some words were exchanged about it. Magnus believed it be incredibly important, but the Duke had it confiscated claiming it to be a national treasure and not for him to own.

The situation growing heated, I attempted to remove Magnus from the room before he said something stupid. What I hadn't counted on was that the man used magic upon the Duke!
Understandably he commanded his guards to immediately arrest Magnus… and then he also included them to arrest me.

Not sure if the word slight adequately describes his actions.

Knowing the Dukes hasty decision to be wrong I countermanded his guards to give the Duke time to listen to reason. To the Dukes apparent surprise his men listened to me. Perhaps he should have noticed his error then, if his own household guard doubt his command then does anybody truly serve his will?

This is perhaps what scared him into continuing with his persistence to have me arrested. He showed himself not of sound mind, and unfit to rule our nation then. He screamed of having me tried for treason and stripped of rank.

Before anything escalated further my father entered the chamber. His outrage and the sudden appearance of more Redgard men saw me un-handed by the Dukes guard.
My father had originally come to the Duke because of my foolish sister Caitlin. She has taken “Khiran-Thul” the family weapon and injured father in the process. All at the behest of Vijur. The man I had been telling the Duke about.

Faced with my father's anger and an outnumbering of men the Duke was forced to concede my release so that I may retake the weapon. However he still insisted that I be stripped of my rank and authority. He clearly fears me. With good reason.

When the Duke left I spoke to father. He looked to me and said “The Duke must die”. Its seems the time for House Dayne’s avengement is at hand. I told father of the 2 assassination plots at hand that I was investigating. He urged me to allow them to go ahead.

To me it seems a mistake to allow Jahzir to be killed and spark war. Father proposed it would be perfect, the chaos of war would be the perfect opportunity to take the throne. I advised him caution and that fighting two fronts would be too much to handle.

After much arguing I ensured father saw reason. But with the understanding that if we do this we do it right. I shall represent our house in a duel with the Duke.
He is unworthy. And I shall be the one to prove it!

May my hammer blows prove father's claim to the High King of the North.