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The Journal of Magnus Sedrig

From the Journal of Magnus Sedrig

...entry in some time. Hopefully it is not my last.

Moonday the 1st of Redfall, 890 TA - Morning

Well, the long voyage is over. Today I will set foot upon Dornish soil for the first time in fifteen years (or is it sixteen now?). The black-sailed ship hasn’t been seen since my last entry, which is a relief. It’s un-academic to jump to conclusions, but I can’t help but think the enemy has already been alerted to my movements. Hopefully, they where just pirates.

After so much time in their absence I don’t know what to expect from my fellow Dorns. My father will be present at Erenhead and that will be uncomfortable, I plan to avoid the man until my work here is done but afterwards I suppose I’ll have to face him. I doubt he’ll forgive me, but an explanation is the least a father can expect from his own son no matter how estranged. In any case, my loyalties lie elsewhere now… I need to focus on my mission.

My own people are not weak but the Sarcosans are the true power among the mannish kingdoms. Any alliance against the shadow will require their strength and political influence, and so I will start with them. My plan is to approach the Sarcosan camp directly and request an audience with the Sharif.

My name doesn’t carry enough weight, especially these days, for such treatment BUT the Eredene Compact and Queen Aradil’s ring should grant me a chance to relay a message at least. I admittedly don’t know much about the Sharcosan commander, but hopefully a man of his rank will be intelligent enough to see reason.

IN JAIL NOW! Father’s orders. Think I managed to scare the guards into getting me processed faster, not enough to release me. Guards waiting at dock, no chance to avoid. Tried to warn them. Mistake. Didn’t listen. Idiots.

Moonday the 1st of Redfall 890 TA - Evening

It’s been an eventful day. The agent’s of the dark lord are already here!

My time in jail turned out to be short lived. It seems Father just wanted to talk, I’d have preferred he ask nicely but it is what it is (I may be a bad son but I’m not a total ignoramus). Anyway, it didn’t go well. He was disappointed in me for abandoning my house (which, let’s be fair, I did do). I made it clear I was no longer loyal to house Sedrig, and informed him of my mission. Like most people I’ve met so far in Erenhead he seemed completely unconvinced that I’ve been sent here to warn them about Izrador’s return. He didn’t even believe me when I explained where I’d been all these years. He called me mad.

Oh well, at least he saw fit to release me. As I was being escorted from the prison I happened upon Fergus Redgard (he’s the lord constable of the north, and one of the men that arrested me earlier). He was about to say something to me, when a Sarcosan warrior (I later learned his name was Arik) called out it him. I tried to press upon this man the danger we were in and let him know I must speak with his leader. He didn’t listen and I’m afraid I rather lost my temper. Ignoring me, the pair proceeded to share the details of two plots they were investigating. A group of assassins are planning to poison the Dornish earls, the conspirators interrogated so far have no recollection of who hired them and why.

Not only that but some Dornish rebels were planning to assassinate the Sharif (who is also Arik’s brother) TODAY and if we wanted to stop them action needed to be taken NOW!

We proceeded to the nearby house the conspirators were using as a base and Fergus ordered his to men to attack the building. I was tasked with ensuring the enemy did not get a chance to attack our troops from above, so I poured searing light into the upper windows of the building to keep heads down (or scorched off). I’m not quite sure how long the battle lasted, but at some point I was instructed to cease immolating windows and it was over. It seems we were too late, unfortunately, one of the captured rebels divulged that a man named Vijur is still unaccounted for and he intends to kill the Sharif THIS EVENING!

This CANNOT be allowed! It will lead to war between the Dorns and Sarcosans. No one will oppose the Dark Lord’s return and we will all be subjected to an eternity of wretched servitude!

[Session 3]

Moonday the 1st of Redfall 890 TA - Later Still

This situation grows more complex by the moment, much has happened in the past few hours. I am writing this entry from the Sarcosan camp, where I have hidden myself from the Dornish authorities until I know what to do. I believe if they where to get their hands on me now I would once more find myself thrown into a Dungeon, with a vastly reduced chance of early release this time.

The unfortunate series of events that led to my current predicament began shortly after we had dispatched the members of “The Blood of the Dragon” (turns out that’s what those Dornish assassins were calling themselves). The Bailiff of Erenhead arrived shortly after the commotion had died down and ordered Fergus, Arik and myself to accompany him to Duke Torbault’s chambers. Fair enough, I thought, we did just slay more than a dozen men in broad daylight so we should PROBABLY explain ourselves.

A brief walk later, Fergus and I (Arik made a fuss about being disarmed, and so had to wait outside) find ourselves before the most powerful Dorn in Erenland. Much to my disappointment Duke Torbault seemed COMPLETELY IRRATIONAL. He was outraged that Fergus had acted without his consent. Regardless of how essential instant action had been at the time. Eventually, after much placation, the Duke finished his tantrum and we were dismissed. I requested a moment of his time, after all I might not get another opportunity to deliver the Queen’s message to this man.

After hearing my message, the  Duke was sceptical LIKE EVERYONE IN THIS INSANE PLACE! As proof that I was indeed sent by Queen Aradil of the Elves, I showed the Duke the Eredane Compact. This was a mistake. The snake STOLE  the compact from me, and after I called the SPINELESS THIEF out for the BLATANT crime he’d just committed, he threatened to have me imprisoned! Fergus, playing the diplomat, almost convinced me to leave before I did something stupid. Almost. Suspecting the Duke a secret underling of the dark lord, I attempted to use my gift to read his intentions. In my rage I failed to be subtle, however, my channeling was noticed. That’s when all hell broke loose. Thankfully at that moment Fergus’s father, The Earl Redguard, arrived with his personal retinue demanding to know why his son had been detained. I didn’t catch much of what was said between the two rulers, but in the confusion I slipped away quietly.

Note to self: I never did get my sword back.  Must acquire new sword.

Assuming the Duke’s order to have me arrested still stood, I decided the safest place to hide out was the Sarcosan camp. At least until I could think of a plan to retrieve the compact from the Duke’s clutches. Upon attempting to gain entry to the camp I was “taken into custody” for the fourth time today, though Arik’s name saw that no harm came to me. I was taken to a large tent at the front of the camp and deposited before the Sarcosan as he spoke with his brother, the Shariff, and filled them in on the Duke’s tracheary. The pair were discussing whether to continue Sarcosan support of Duke Torbault after today’s events, Arik seemed to think Fergus a more suitable leader of the Dorns under the Sarcosans. A sentiment I entirely agree with. It did occur to me that this moment was an opportunity to deliver my message to the Sharif, but he seemed frustrated and I was feeling chagrined from my earlier failure so I decided to await for a more opportune moment. Besides, my mission is to ensure peace and that seems to be the Sharif’s goal as well. For now at least.

While I was quietly listening to the brothers’ argument, I noticed the Sharif was playing with some large object under a cloth beneath the table in a nervous manner. A  suspicious manner even. Call it paranoia, but I had to see what he kept checking on so anxiously. I distracted the pair with a quick illusion spell and took a peek under the cloth. The Sharif has the MOON AXE OF HOUSE ORIN in his tent! I don’t know what this means, but it must have some importance in the events to come. Maybe he wants to make peace with House Orin? I hope that’s it, the alternative explanations are troubling.