Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Journal of the Lord Constable, Part 1

I was foolish to think that I could have anything more than an illusion of family life with Kali. It was nice to be reminded of how it once was. Even if just for one night.

Inevitably duty put a stop to it.
Early before we broke our fast; Earl Vildar Esben came to visit our guest quarters. The look on his face immediately clued me into the fact he had something of import to share.

I noticed Kali lingering at the chamber door. I thought perhaps if she got a taste for the business I regularly conduct; she may perhaps begin to understand. Understand why and what keeps me from coming back to our estate. Why I try to keep her away from the unpleasantries of my duty. She is too delicate to deal with such matters unlike a Dornish woman. She later proved I was right in that assumption, but I get ahead of myself.
Earl Esben told me of House Orins intention to assassinate Jahzir Ka’Mael. To provoke war, and to reap revenge for the loss of Skotha’s daughter and the houses ancestral weapon. Such plots are to be expected. I would have been naive to think that there wouldn't be one, but I did not expect so certain a lead be handed me. Nor that the lead would be given by Earl Esben.

I think the young Earl looks to me as a potential ally. He is young and his house small. It is good that he seems to want to do his part for the stability of the realm. Though something he said at the end of the meeting makes me think otherwise. He claimed I was indebted to him, as a result of him bringing this information to me. This selfish statement of his will not help him quench any rumors or gain him allies.

After the Earl’s departure I was allowed another bittersweet moment with Kali. For some reason I didn't call for a squire to help me don my armour after we ate. I think I just wanted our quiet moment alone to last just that little longer, even if she really didn't have much of an idea how to put on the armour.

Of course the moment was short once more. A cousin of Kali requested an audience with her. Arik Ka’Mael. Having never met my wife's family and intrigued by such a request I stayed to meet this man. The face he wore showed me that he was here for more than just a reunion.

He revealed something I had not expected. A second plot was underway, lead by some Sarcosans within the visiting host.  

My luck has not yet ran out it seems. Arik has personally undertaken the task of stopping the would be assassination. Regardless I pledged my assistance to him on the matter. Granting him access around the city under my name. Additionally I must now ready a small group of soldiers should he ever need their assistance within the city or palace. I have much to deal with already, and I hope my trust in this man is not betrayed. This is a delicate political matter, and I must rely upon him to resolve it, for I cannot enter the Sarcosan camps and begin making arrests.

The meeting ended badly however. Arik spotted my wife's servant Samira listening to the conversation, and quickly grabbed her for a sudden interrogation. Kali was still in the room however. I knew she did not have the heart for this kind of thing, so asked her to leave. But it came out bluntly. The entire event distressed her I could tell. But this is my life. This is why I have kept her I away from it all.

Arik interrogated Samira well enough. And she gave answers that satisfied him and sounded reasonable to me. If it weren't for the fact that my wife were already so distressed I would have thrown Samira into a prison cell regardless. I allowed sentiment to cloud reason though, and she was allowed to return to her duty. If I catch her doing something again, so god help her.

Once again I’ve failed to make my wife happy. But I must push on regardless. Carry out my duty and prevent my nation from plunging itself into ruin.

“Honour the Name”