Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Star Trek Adventures Alpha Playtest

Today I had the opportunity to run a playtest of the new Modiphius game, Star Trek Adventures.  I gathered players from around the world on Roll20 and we set out to test these new and exotic rules.

As with any new rule system, the majority of the session was comprised of rules explanations and interpretations.  In our three hour session, we managed to get through about 3 pages of the actual scenario.  That was fine, though, as we covered most of the basic rules and were able to get a pretty good grasp on the fine points of the system.

Though there was some dispute, most players felt that the system played like an episode of Star Trek. The initial confusion about the rather complex rules gave way to admiration as we learned just how flexible the system can be.  Though it has a rigid rules structure, there are methods by which a player or GM can gain narrative control, which allows for a very personal and interactive experience.  The Momentum/Determination/Threat economy was quickly mastered by the players and they used it to great effect.  

I'm looking forward to the next update so that we can explore ship-based adventures and maybe a bit of space combat.  I'm also hoping to see some much-needed rules clarifications and character creation rules.

Well done, Modiphius.  So far, so good.