Friday, January 8, 2016

Star Wars: Episode Two

Episode Two:  Out of the Shadows

Our young heroes returned from a job done to the Drunken Kowakian Monkey Lizard.

Their Beliefs—as of now—are:

1.     Zellara is but one thing Gudra has taken from me. He will not live to take another. His dog, Yargin Balko, will join him in a pauper’s grave.
2.    The strong have a responsibility to the weak. I will be one of the strong, and protect those in need.
3.    Zellara had a list of names stored with two lightsabers. I will find the purpose of this list, beginning with identifying the legendary Blackjack

1.    A Mandalorian always pays his debts. Gudra will pay for the years he stole from me.
2.    Yargin Balko killed Zellara. He will die by his own acid. I will track him down at the old fishery.
3.    I seek to uncover the mystery of Zellara. I will track down Blackjack to find out more.

Upon returning to the bar, Grundo appears agitated. Bitterly, he lets them in without much protest, however. Gyra must have had a word with him. 

The bar is busy now. Humans, twi'leks. A rodian and a duros sit privately in a booth. 

They approach the bartender, and ask where Gyra is. The bartender tells them that he's out back, making a deal. Just wait and he will be in in a moment.

Ant begins worrying about his droid, M1T3. He should have come to Ant when he walked through the door. Desperate, he asks the bartender for his holocom, to triangulate the mouse-droid's signal. After some grumbling, the bartender hands it over, alongside two musk ales. The young men sit in a corner table. 

Ant fiddles with his datapad and the bartender's holocom, and discovers that M1T3 is, in fact, in Gyra's satchel, who is approaching them now.

He apologizes to them before complimenting them on a job well done, allowing him to conduct his shady business. In fact, because of them, he actually made quite a profit. He slides them a couple of credit-chips (1D of Cash each). "Ah, I almost forgot!" He produces M1T3, and hands it to Ant. "Caught Alnada playing with him. You best be careful, and be glad I ain't one of them barkeeps who don't serve their kind here!"

A quick inspection reveals that M1T3 has been tampered with, but Ant doesn't bring this up.

Ghost cuts to the chase. "What about our deal?" 

Gyra scratches under his eyepatch. "Blackjack, eh? Hell, he's a tough man to find. Only way you can reach him is by dead-dropping a holopad. He's done some work for me before, but he's very particular about what jobs he takes. Real righteous fella'. Totally useless when it comes to anything not involving the authorities or the throne. Hell, won't even respond to me if the job isn't right up his alley. I set up a meeting with him for you."

He instructs them to meet Gyra back here at the Monkey Lizard in two days’ time, before midnight. 

The boys go back to their tiny apartment and sleep. The next day, Ant begins working on M1T3, to find out what's wrong with him.

        He ties a Computer vs. Slicing test. Not being the defender, he fails.
He discovers that Gyra had the droid sliced for surveillance footage of the two of them testing the newly-found lightsabers, and that that footage was sent directly to an untrackable holopad.

Never wanting this kind of breach again, Ant begins work on a firewall for the little spy.

         He rolls 3 successes on a Graduated Computers test to set an Ob 3 if someone attempts to slice M1T3
The holonet news blares in the tiny workshop. 

//Meanwhile, the whereabouts of the Palace Seneschal, Neolandus Kalepopolis, for the past week are unknown. Needing a replacement for public relations during this time of uncertainty, Queen Ileosa has appointed a new position of Press Secretariat. In a recent statement, the secretariat has claimed that the Seneschal is 'currently disposed in political matters'. This was followed by a statement claiming that Imperial diplomats are arriving soon to discuss the future of Korvosa and the Empire with the Queen. This has led to unease—and several small altercations—in the streets, as Imperial supporters gain confidence. What was once thought to be a strongly decided anti-Imperial populace of the planet, Korvosa is now considered divided nearly in half of Imperial sympathizers and people opposed to the Empire. The throne has released one final statement of late that there will be a decision made, and soon, about Korvosa's future. I'm Basha Kamilla, reporting for KVNN//

During this time, Ghost sets out to case Gudra's new hideout, the old fishery. First, he needs a holocorder to capture images. He decides to spend his recent earnings on a new holocom, equipped with a holocorder.

·         His resources is 0, but he spends the 1D cash and a persona point to pass an Ob1 Resources test

Using Zellara's map, he discovers the fishery located in an old, near-abandoned industry district near the harbor. There being not a lot of people around to slip through crowds, Ghost must rely on his abilities at sneaking through shadows. If he is seen by someone, it could throw off their entire plan to sneak in to Gudra's hold. He wants to get up close to discover any alternate entrances to the building

·         He wins a Stealthy vs. Observation, linking to a Perception test at Ob 4, which he passes.
Ghost discovers a refuse hatch on the backside of the building. It appears to be a dump chute for fish cleanings. An ancient, rusty iron ladder leads up to it. Ghost gets a few reconnaissance snapshots, and heads back to the apartment.

The two of them head out to meet Gyra. They arrive at the bar where Grundo remains ever vigilant (as much as a gamorrean can be)

Entering the Monkey Lizard, they find it to be "Closed". Seskerin is mock-cleaning at the bar, regards them. Alnada is watching intently. In the center of the room, Gyra stands over a white, opened crate, finishing up a conversation with a Kubaz. The alien leaves the bar, and Gyra greets the two boys. A quick peek in the crate reveals it is full of Stormtrooper E-11 blaster rifles, stolen, and obviously highly illegal in the hands of a civilian. Gyra doesn't keep this information from Ant and Ghost, and goes on to say that if things heat up with this possible new deal with the Empire, Gyra isn't gonna be caught with his pants down. Getting the guns before anything happens is key.

He speaks with them, and claims that Blackjack will be scared off if Gyra isn't there with them. If they want to see Blackjack, they need Gyra. He goes on to discuss details about what to say, and how to say it in Blackjack's company. Never turn your back on him, always have both hands in the open, leave holocoms on the ground where he can see them, etc.

Gyra is interrupted by his earpiece. "What? They're here? Hold them off, Grundo! Hold them off!" He dashes over to the crate. "That kubaz must be workin' for the imps!" 

Unbeknownst to Gyra, the real reason why the stormtroopers are here is because his gang pistol was found and tracked to him.

Blaster fire. Grundo comes careening in through the front door, and crashes to the floor in a limp heap. White armor emerges in the door, and Seskerin begins to shoot. He takes a shot between the eyes. Alnada screams and disappears. "Looks like the Monkey Lizard's outta' business, fellas!" Gyra fires his blaster at an imperial stormtrooper trying to step over Grundo's bulk and lands a clean hit. He tosses them each a blaster. "C'mon! I gotta couple swoops out back!"

·         Range & Cover! 
·         Both teams set objectives: Gyra & the PCs need to make it to the bikes. If they get "Out of Range" they make it out the back, to where the speeder bikes are. The Imperials want to capture the PCs and Gyra alive (If possible). They will need to force a team hesitation or injuries, or get in to "Too Close to Shoot". 
·         Range is set at Optimal for both teams (Same weapons). Cover is widely available in the forms of tables, benches, the stage, etc.
·         The PCs make a Steel test for surprise, with advantage from Grundo's warning. Gyra hides behind cover, screaming like an idiot (Fall Prone). Ant just stands there fiddling with the E-11's safety (Stand & Drool). Ghost drags his partner behind a banquette before a hail of blaster bolts rains down on where they were standing (Passed his Steel test). Phew! Close call!

·         Volleys:
o    1st Volley: PC's Sneak Out (Moving through cover of the debris and smoke among the tables) vs Imp's Close (Getting through the entry-way and in to the bar proper.) Ghost tests Stealthy without any help (his friends are hesitating) and beats the stormtrooper's double Ob penalty for Speed. He takes a shot with his rifle, but misses. He spends another success to move the group behind the bar for a better position. They move to Extreme range.
o    2nd Volley: PC's Withdraw (Getting out the back door while blasting at their pursuers) vs Imp's Flank (trying to fan out to get better angles.) Ghost tests his Speed+2D with Help vs the stormtroopers' B3 Tactics with Help, and barely wins after spending a Fate! 
o    They make it out the back door, Out of Range for both teams, and R&C ends, rather quickly, I might add.

Gyra runs over and pulls back the canvas covering some illegal swoops. The three bicker about who is going to drive these things when the Stormtroopers begin blasting at them. They take off, Gyra on the back, blasting at two pursuing Imperials on speeders themselves. They want to get away, unharmed, undetected, and on time to meet Blackjack!

·         Ant tests Beginner's Luck Driving, plus Help from Gyra's Rifles skill and Ghost's Agility vs the Imperials' B4 Driving with 1 Help. The Imps get 1 measly success, and Ant pulls out a whopping 10 successes after spending a fate point. This brings his net to 5, and the party screams off in to the night on their swoops.

They arrive at their destination, an old city park, overgrown and abandoned. They get off their speeders and approach the hollowed stump of a great maska tree. From within, a soft voice questions the young men and their guide. "Were you followed?" Gyra speaks up first. "No, we were not." The voice ignores Gyra. "Young men, I ask you, and I think you will know. Were you followed?" The two think about the question, but assured, they both say "No. We were not."

"Why do you seek my company?" Ghost produces the list of names, and reads them aloud, along with where they found it, in a Jedi's home. 

"Zellara? She was no Jedi." Gyra's services here are no longer needed, and the voice sends him off. Gyra, feeling hard done by, asks for his illegal blasters back, says his farewell to the boys, and mounts his speeder, ushering the other one by remote. The sad image of their broken ally rides off as the voice speaks again. "Your lightsabers," It asks. "Show them to me." The boys do so, and a dark figure materializes out of the tree. Black, well crafted cloak, a fine-lined silver blaster pistol at his hip, and a mask covering all but his chin.

He looks at Ghost. "That. That lightsaber, I have not seen it in many years. May I look more closely?" Reluctantly, Ghost hands the dark stranger the weapon. "It is mine, though I have not had claim to it in a long time." He pockets it, assumingly, and to Ghost's silent dismay. "The two of you must have had a very rough day. I feel the Force is strong with both of you. Though you have only just met me, would you trust me enough to shelter you for the evening? Perhaps you might have the answers you seek." They agree, and follow him through the dark, gnarled old city streets, to places long left to rot. They arrive in an underground hovel, and Blackjack goes on to light candles.

He tells them of the Force, of the dark side and the light. He offers them training, to unlock their potential to use the Force. He lets them sleep on the decision.

Before sleep, Ant asks M1T3 to spy on the mysterious man.

  • M1T3 failed an Inconspicuous test to spy

In the morning, Ant is woken with a terrible thud to his chest. M1T3 squeeks from on top of him, as Blackjack stands menacingly above. "The next time you try and spy on me, try to be a little more subtle than a mouse droid?" M1T3 Whirrs a foul-mannered response.

End of session.