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Star Wars: Episode One

Edge of Anarchy

It is a time of strife for the planet Korvosa. King Eodred —beloved by his people— is dead. His accord with the Galactic Empire for the planet's autonomy is now in jeopardy. The people of Korvosa anxiously await the decision of their new leader, the late king's wife, and known supporter of the Empire, Queen Ileosa.
In Shingle City, two young people —once slaves to the deplorable Gudra the Hutt— find themselves at the home of the mysterious old woman who rescued them from Gudra's clutches.
Unbeknownst to them, their actions here may set them on a path that could save Korvosa, and perhaps the Galaxy from an ancient and terrible evil...


Antares "Ant" Arkadyn 

Ant Arkadyn is the son of Arcas Arkadyn, a Mandalorian mercenary.  When Arcas entered into the employ of the Hutt, Gudra, on Korvosa, he was forced to turn his son over as a hostage to ensure his loyalty.  When Arcas never returned, Ant was forced to work as a slave in Gudra's hall.  He was rescued by the Jedi, Zellara, and set free.  Ant used his technical skills to eke out a living in Shingle City, doing odd jobs for a variety of patrons.  Ant lacks the martial skills common among Mandalorians and has always felt like a failure in that regard.

Kalen "Ghost" Dorian

Kalen Dorian was born a slave into the household of Gudra the Hutt on the planet Korvosa.  He was freed at the age of 12 by the intervention of the Jedi, Zellara.  For the next few years, Kalen made his living as a pick pocket and small-time thief.  He was often employed by information broker Gyra Reu.


Gudra the Hutt

Gudra is a small-time criminal in Shingle City on the planet of Korvosa. He has a small household and employs mercenaries from time to time. He has been known to employ local thug Yargin Balko.  Five years ago, a woman known as Zellara helped cripple his burgeoning criminal empire on Korvosa.  He has struggled to recover and, now, has amassed enough strength to finally strike back.

Yargin Balko

Balko is a killer for hire often found in the employ of Gudra the Hutt.  He is known for using acid as a means to commit his murders.  He is thought to be the killer of the Jedi, Zellara.

Gyra Reu

Reu is an information broker in Shingle City.  If you want info, he's the man to see.  He has recently entered into a partnership with Seskerin Malosh, a Twi'lek of ill-repute. With Malosh, he is the part owner of the Drunken Lizard-Monkey, a cantina in Shingle City.

Seskerin Malosh

Little is known of the Twi'lek Seskerin Malosh.  He's a new player in Shingle City and has recently partnered with the well known information broker Gyra Reu.  He is the part owner of the Drunken Lizard-Monkey.


Alnada is a Kowakian Lizard-Monkey and companion to Seskerin Malosh.  She is the inspiration for the name of his cantina.

Grundo the Gamorrean

Grundo is the doorman and bouncer at the Drunken Lizard-Monkey.  He's not particularly bright, even for a Gamorrean.


Blackjack is a legendary figure on Korvosa.  He has been known to be both a criminal and a legendary hero.  He hasn't been seen in over a decade and is thought to be dead.  Recently, the information broker, Gyra Reu, has claimed to know of his whereabouts.  Most consider him a myth.


Zellara has long been rumored to be a Jedi, but there has never been any proof.  If she is, she has hidden it well.  Five years ago Zellara brought down the crime ring of Gudra the Hutt, freeing his slaves.  She was recently found murdered in her home on the outskirts of Shingle City.  Several lightsabers were found in her possession as well as a reference to the legendary figure, Blackjack.


M1T3, or Mite, is the personal droid of Ant Arkadyn.  He built Mite from scratch from scavenged parts after he was freed from Gudra the Hutt.  Mite may look like a smaller version of the standard "mouse" droid, but he has been heavily modified and upgraded.

This game of Star Wars takes place during the Age of Rebellion.  It will be played using a hybrid of the Burning Wheel and Burning Empire rulesets, written by Luke Crane and Thor Olavsrud.

Episode One:  The Hutt Strikes Back

Antares Arkadyn and Kalen Dorian arrive at Zellara's house, on the far outskirts of Shingle City. Something has called them here, some feeling of unease.

Upon entering, they find the house in complete disarray. The beheaded body of their once-savior lies on the floor, arms outstretched toward an old book case. Kalen kicks a table over in outrage. Zellara had —5 years before— saved the two of them from Gudra's collection of orphan-slaves, and toppled his small crime empire. The Hutt had escaped, and now it seems he has rebuilt enough for his revenge.

After examining her wounds, Ant and Ghost determine that her killer must be Gudra's henchman, Yargin Balko, based on the acids used to remove her head, now missing. They inspect what she may have been reaching for in her last moments, and find a hidden compartment. They open it, and find several noteworthy items. Two weapons, used by a Jedi, known as lightsabers.

A holo-map of an old fishery, with data-notes indicating that it might be Gudra's current hideout. Ghost knows where this place would be: The old docks and fishing district.

There is also a faded, very short hand-written list of names:

Ant and Ghost decide that the two weapons are, in fact, a Jedi's (or two Jedi's) lightsabers. One a yellow-orange color, the other a pale blue. They begin plotting their revenge on Balko and Gudra. They consider some options, but eventually settle on trying to track down the third name on the list, Blackjack.

Blackjack has been a legendary folk hero for as long as people on Korvosa can remember. Rare in his appearances, he rights injustices on the planet where he can, equipped only with a blaster pistol. Many claim that they have seen him, but no one knows his true identity, for he wears a mask and hood. The task of tracking him down will be difficult.

The players write some beliefs/instincts for their characters.
Belief 1: Zellara is but one thing Gudra had taken from me. He will not live to take another. His dog, Yargin Balko, will join him in a pauper's grave.
Belief 2: The strong have a responsibility to the weak. I will be one of the strong and protect those in need.
Belief 3: Zellara had a list of names stored with two lightsabers. I will find the purpose of this list, beginning with identifying the legendary Blackjack.
Instinct: Never say no to a pretty face.
Belief 1: A Mandalorian always pays his debts. Balko will die by his own acid.
Belief 2: I seek to uncover the mystery of Zellara. I will track down Blackjack to find out more.

They call upon an old contact, a data- and information-broker by the name of Gyra Reu, a one-eyed, crafty scoundrel. Gyra used to work for the Rakghoul's Teat Boys, before becoming an independent. Now he co-owns a busy cantina, The Drunken Kowakian Monkey-Lizard, alongside Seskerin Malosh, a Twi'lek. Before entering the bar, Ghost is forced to relinquish his pistol to the Gamorrean bouncer, but both he and Ant keep their lightsabers from Grundo's sight.

Gyra greets them. They ask him to track down Blackjack. Gyra claims he already knows where Blackjack is. As per usual, he offers them a trade: They must divert a daily patrol of stormtroopers long enough for Gyra to... operate his business. If they can disable the soldiers' speeder, all the better. Ant and Ghost agree, and begin with their assignment, after stealing an extra pistol from Grundo's lockbox. Unknowingly, Ghost takes Gyra's old gang pistol! Ant leaves his droid, M1T3, behind to spy on Gyra.

They find their mark, and construct a plan. Ghost will take a couple of pot-shots at the imperials, while Ant slices the speeder. They are successful, but Ghost drops the gang pistol to —hopefully— throw off his pursuers. Their job is a success, though repercussions for their trickery will haunt them soon enough.

Session ends.