Sunday, August 9, 2015

The Fire on the Horizon

Character Pitch:  Hugo Brandt

Early Years:

Hugo Brandt is the eldest son of Mueller Brandt and Serilda (Hahn) Brandt.  As a child, Hugo settled easily into the life of leisure that his family’s money and relatively high social status in Voller Creek afforded him.  The son of a relatively wealthy mine foreman, Hugo was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and wanted for nothing in his early years.  As a result, he never developed the work ethic that he was expected to have to work in the family trade.  He was sullen and spoiled, often lashing out violently when he couldn’t have his way.  As a teen, Hugo was a tyrant and a bully to his peers and used his money and influence to seduce many a young maiden.  Mueller and Serilda were powerless to curb their son’s propensity for violence, even when they threatened to cut him off from the family wealth, a threat that Hugo laughed off.  Mueller even attempted to enroll Hugo in the village guard to try to instill some work ethic and pride, but Hugo refused to comply and was shortly dismissed from the guard.

In his 16th year, Hugo fell hard for the daughter of one of his father’s miners, a lovely and brilliant young girl by the name of Genevie Maier.  Genevie, however, was spoken for and engaged to be married.  Hugo would not be denied and pressed his claim. When that, too, was rebuked, he attempted to bribe Genevie’s fiancee to leave Voller Creek and never return.  The young man, Harold Kemp, refused and a very public scuffle ensued, with Hugo beating Harold to within an inch of his life.  With the town outraged over yet another incident involving Hugo, the situation grew even more grave when, just a few weeks later, Harold completely disappeared.  It was evident that there had been a struggle in his house and some blood was found in his room.  The village-wide manhunt turned up no sign, however, and angry eyes turned toward Hugo.  Hugo swore to his innocence, but the last straw had been broken and he was banished from the village.  There may be some in the village or even in Hugo’s own family who know the truth, but Hugo has never admitted having any part in Harold’s disappearance.

Outcast Years:

Hugo wandered the Duchy for a time, working odd jobs until he grew bored or was forced by his anger and violence to move on.  It was while serving a short stretch in a village jail for assault and public drunkenness that Hugo met Illuminator Graves.  Graves brought the word of Luthien, the Mother of Creation and the Bringer of Dawn to Hugo and, for the first time in his young life, Hugo felt something.  He felt an immediate connection both to Illuminator Graves and to the Deity he followed.  Hugo agreed to follow Graves back to his home city in the neighboring Kingdom of Calbia.  It is there that Hugo began to seriously study the teachings of The Prophet, who speaks directly to Luthien, praise Her name, and shares Her wisdom with the masses.  Finally, Hugo felt at home and at peace with himself.  He began to walk the path toward becoming an Illuminator.


For many years Hugo studied and learned at the feet of The Prophet.  He walked the righteous path and gained the title of Illuminator of Luthien.  He was happy and at peace, feelings that he deeply desired to share with his family and the people of Voller Creek...if they’d have him.  He only hoped that they could forgive him for his past transgressions, just as Luthien had forgiven him and just as he’d finally forgiven himself.  When word came that mother was dying, he knew he could not wait any longer.  He set out immediately for his home in Voller Creek.

The Wheel must burn again....