Friday, July 24, 2015

Aftermath - Virgil Zell

Just before the aftermath, from Virgil Zell's point of view.

"Damn, those skeletons brought a scrap with them," thought Virgil.  "Hope all the trouble was worth it.  Can't say I'm sorry that Glasstaff prick isn't breathing anymore.  Wish I could have been the reason for that.  Oh well."

The party began tending to their wounds just as a door burst open across the room.  The Black Spider and a small band of bugbears flooded through the doorway.  They looked ugly and battle worn but still determined to make the situation more unpleasant than it already was.

"Aha!  I finally have the forge!" proclaimed Black Spider.

"Dammit all," thought Virgil.  "I was hoping to get a bit more down time before having to deal with this ass.  Looks like this fight isn't done."

Virgil drew in a breath and began mentally prepping for another bout.  He took four steps as he planned out the best course of attack.  This was all interrupted by the gnome.  Virgil glanced to his left and saw Zook going over to the recently and violently deceased wizard.  He bent over his body.

"What's that daft gnome doing now?" thought Virgil.

Zook took up the black sphere from Glasstaff's charred hands and began looking deeply into it with a purpose.  As comprehension flowed into Zook's face, the gnome broke into a sprint towards the green flame (green flame!) of the magic forge that was the source of all this consternation.

"Run!" yelled Zook as he covered the ground between himself and the forge.

"Certainly he doesn't mean to...," thought Virgil.  "Yeah he does."

The Black Spider and his entourage came to the same conclusion.  The small party, in a panic, began shooting anything and everything Zook's way but the small gnome was too quick for them.  It didn't hurt that there was an intervening wall either.

"Oh this is gonna hurt." was Virgil's last thought as he dove behind a pile of magical ore in the room, which might as well have been a nice set of silk curtains for all the protection it provided as a fireball of a size and force never witnessed in history lit off, taking the side of the mountain with it.