Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Year 487

Sir Jayden

Winter of this 487th year of our Lord
Transcribed by Father Oswald

Combat is never easy. Every time the sword comes out of its sheath it sings death for either the man opposite of it or for the one who holds it. Fighting a single man can be a death sentence to other lesser men. Fighting two men at once would certainly be as if facing the Reaper himself, but fighting three men at once?  Who would have the stalwart heart and strength of arms to do such a thing? The answer to that question is I, Sir Jayden. While out on a search on behalf of King Uther, my party of fellow knights and myself were ambushed by dirty Saxon pagans. With great surprise they rushed from the cover of the tree line and attacked us.

Sadly, Sir Morah was knocked unconscious by the Saxon warriors that beset him and Sir Tristian took a great injury to his leg, yet still managed to dispatch his enemies. I, on the other hand, made quick work of the two Saxon warriors who were unlucky enough to meet me on the field of battle.

Seeing Sir Morah carried off into the woods by the enemy I had to make a snap decision to rescue him from their dirty hands and leave Sir Tristian to our squires. I rode my way to the enemy on horseback, but the forest was thick with trees. Because of this I was forced off my horse. With my horse no longer holding me back I was able to make good time on foot and caught up to the Saxons, it was then that I saw my predicament. There were three of them. I could not leave Sir Morah in their clutches, so I steeled my heart and joined battle with them.

With a quick yet strong slash downwards of my sword I was able to snap the battle axe of one of the Saxon warriors while also giving him a mortal wound, and as he lay on the ground I countered the attack from his partner killing him outright with a stab through the heart. The third Saxon upon seeing his fellows dispatched so quickly decided that he should join them in hell. He rushed me, screaming in his guttural language. Again I made quick work of my enemy, leaving him on the ground, quite dead. With the enemy dispatched I threw Sir Morah over my shoulder and made my way to where Sir Tristian and our Squires were. Afterwards we rode back to the City.

It was an exhilarating experience saving my friend from mortal peril.

Sir Morah

Sir Morah and his friends were once again summoned to court to attend the king. There was much feasting to be had and the presentation of Excalibur was to be done. Sir Morah, however, missed much of the activities because he was occupied with other endeavors. The morning after the feast the knights were given a choice to fight with the prince on raiding missions or go with the king and serve under him. They chose to go with the king and help rally support for him with the other kings.

They were sent on a mission to the north to a far ruling king to ask his attendance on behalf of King Uther. They set off to find him missing from the town and fighting off Saxons. They chose to go looking for him but found more trouble than the knights had bargained for. They were ambushed in the woods when they were following the trail of the army and Sir Morah was knocked out after slaying a man with one blow. When he came to they were back in town getting medical treatment for the others hadn’t fared that well in the fight either for only Sir Jayden remained capable to fight.

When the king returned they were quickly dismissed for he had no interest in seeing King Uther.

Sir Tristian

Thoughts for Year 487

This year appears to be a fantastic year, my land bodes well, bearing great harvests and the weather appears as fine as the most elegant silks. We are yet again summoned to Sarum at the behest of our lord, Earl Roderick, however this year an important guest appears before us, The Pendragon, King Uther himself! A great feast is held and our adventure for the great Merlin is told to the entire court, and Merlin himself appears and hands over the sword from the lake to the king, a sword named Excalibur apparently.

This year we had a choice for what our duty would be, some favor the King had asked our Lord to bestow upon us, to either accompany the King and Lord Roderick to the north, or go raiding with the Prince and lay waste to the Saxon navy. Though I personally would of preferred nothing more than to wet my blade with blood against the Saxons, my duty was clear, to protect my Lord and his Majesty, King Uther.

We rode north and more feasts were held, King Uther showed off Excalibur to the Lords of the north while we were tasked with traveling to Eburacum, on behalf of King Uther to invite the king to visit Uther in Lindsey. We arrived though to learn that he was away fighting the Saxons, as such we decided to journey to him instead of waiting for him in the city. However we were ambushed by the Saxon scum from the woods, and while I easily dispatched the Saxon filth in front of me, one struck my leg with a mighty blow, such luck the Saxon had, but short lived as he fell to my sword.

Despite my Injury, everything still went well, I made progress with the beautiful Lady Elaine, we talked, we danced and I even presented her a lovely brooch, fitted with a diamond that reflects the beauty of her eyes. However this is just the beginning of what I have planned for the one who I hold in my heart…..