Monday, April 20, 2015

Welcome to Hell, Texas.

Apocalypse West:  Judgement Day

Sometime in the past, Hell broke loose on our world.  Literally.  Some say it was 30 years ago, some say 100.  Who can tell anymore?  We agree, though, that it was a time when the people before were at war.  The Greys fought the Blues, that is remembered, though nobody knows why they fought.  We just know that what was before was laid to waste...ashes upon scorched earth.  We don't know what happened, though some have ideas and they ain't shy about sharin' 'em, we just know that the world was changed...and not for the better.  People survived, though, as people do, in holes and basements, far from the trappings of civilization.  People survived and rebuilt.  We don't have what we had before the collapse, of course, but we're gettin' there.  Welcome to New Zion, Texas, or, as we say around these parts, welcome to Hell.

Available Playbooks:  The Hardholder, The Black Hat, The Drifter, The Gambler, The Gunslinger, The Junker, The Law Dog, The Lone Rider, The Saint, and the Siren.