Sunday, March 1, 2015

To Burn Again....

Campaign Set-up:

The North is Burning

"In the village of Hvalurvik, far to the north of civilization, an evil stirs. People have been disappearing, strange marks have been found on homes, whispers of dark rituals performed in the foreboding forest at night, rumors of food running low or going rotten too quickly. And all of this as winter slowly comes to an end.

An augury of doom has been prophesied by a holy soothsayer, telling of a approaching tide of evil, brought to the north by a foreign hand, of a savage dark god who seeks to bring ruin to the cold northern coast.

Some say the village is cursed, that it is an omen of evil come to shore. Some blame the Greymantle, while others call for his aid."

Grimnar Voss, The Greymantle, Retired warrior and soldier.

Grimnar,  called The Greymantle,  came to Hvalurvik to retire, that is known, but he also came to hide.  Heavy is the burden of his sword, called by men the "Father of Swords".  It has always been a beacon of evil and greed, but to discard it would allow it to fall into the wrong hands.  No, Grimnar must protect the sword and hide it away from those who would use it for their own ends.  Hvalurvik is the end of the world, a place where no sane man would sink his roots.  He had come here to disappear, but found the people in need of his guidance and protection.  Reluctantly he agreed to train their tiny militia, a handful of old men and boys desperate to protect their families from the ravages of the untamed tundra.  Grimnar allowed himself to be known, and that was his greatest mistake....

1) The Father of Swords is dangerous!  It is a beacon for evil and greed and I must remain vigilant against those who would use it for their own ends.
2)  The people of Hvalurvik deserve my protection from whatever evil plagues the village.  I will begin by investigating the strange occurrences.
3)  Kal Konnig is an old friend, but I don't trust him.  I won't let him pull me back into the "hard life".  I'm retired!
1)  Always keep the Father of Swords within easy reach.
2)  Always treat people as potential friends until they prove otherwise.
3)  Never leave "loose ends".  That's a quick trip back to the mud!


Toril "Greyspawn" Grimnsdottir - Daughter of Grimnar Voss and one time member of Grimnar's Knot.  She will do anything to possess The Father of Swords...even if it means killing her own father.

Kal "Red Worm" Konnig - One time Second in Grimnar's Knot, a band of Named Men led by the Greymantle. Kal assumed leadership of the group after Grimnar's retirement.  A brilliant but easily distracted warrior with a wicked sense of humor and a cruel streak a mile wide.  Some say he is Grimnar's son, but both men vehemently deny it.  Still, the rumors persist.  Why else would Grimnar tolerate him for so many years?

This game of Burning Wheel will be played sporadically over Roll20 with one player and one GM.  This is our first experience trying to play anything over the internet, so that should be interesting.  I'm very much looking forward to playing more Burning Wheel and this particular set-up, inspired strongly by the works of Joe Abercrombie (duh) really has my interest.  The campaign will also be inspired by such authors as H.P. Lovecraft, Robert E. Howard, and Edgar Rice Burroughs.  

Let it burn....