Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Zook's Adventure Log

Adventure Day 1.

On Gundren's request, I met the others he had hired in the shops district.  Quite early in the morning, I might add.  I normally am in bed at this time, having retired only hours beforehand.  However, I strummed as I walked along, to keep my spirits up, and perhaps to invade the dreams of those still asleep with a gentle melody.  I could not help but think of the old hero Janil, and the early morning start he got on his epic quest.  On arriving I could see that the company Gundren assembled was not full of mere guards and mercenaries.  No, these were true Adventurers. Some looked quite seasoned.

First there was Virgil.  A rather mute human who looked and smelled as if he had just crawled up from the sea.  However he did look formidable, the sword at his side appeared well used.  Also, having already arrived was an impressively armored half-orc. I had not known their kind to look as polished as him.  I did not catch his real name, because when I asked he offered "No One."  I do not know if he was being poetic, or really did not have any name.  It certainly will not do for songs and stories, so I must find him a name soon.  A lithe elf soon arrived, smelling of the deep forest, branches still adorning his hair.  Elalanil hailed from his forestlands, saying he was here on the behest of his order, the Emerald Enclave.  I suspect he is one of those Druids from the old tales.  Keepers of the forest, protectors of nature's balance.  I suspect he might provide a good tale or two.  The final arrival of our new party was Jatambe.  The Chultan are a very rare sight, even in a port town.  He had the air of a learned magic user and seemed to know Virgil quite well already.

As everyone gathered, Gundren rode up a pony fit for a dwarf of his stature, accompanied by his business associate, Sildar.  We were tasked to buy and transport an array of supplies to a town a few days south by the name of Phandalin.  Though he didn't say, it appeared that the supplies were for a mining operation.  As we gathered up the list (at a good discount, thanks to some very thrifty shopping by myself and No One), we also gathered rumors on the road, and it sounded quite dangerous.  I am glad Gundren hired such seasoned warriors.

The first day on the road was unimaginably boring, so I regaled my companions with songs and tales of Janil, seeing as he was on my mind.  Never have I played to such an ungrateful crowd.

Adventure Day 2.

[Story Narrative]
Two horses lay lifeless in the path ahead, while goblins lay in wait in the trees lining the path.  Elalandril took it upon himself to go ahead of the group, and glean any information he could from the carrion crows flocking to the corpses, fully unaware of the goblins ready to strike.  Strike they did.  Gundren's Heroes [note: need better name] struck back, with more force, slaying one of the beasts and capturing three others.  Interrogating the goblins informed our heroes that their employer and his human companion had been captured. Sildar taken to be eaten by the clan, Gundren to be given to a Bandit chief.  The adventurers pursued the goblins to their clanhold, a small cave to the north. Virgil lept a river, and into the middle of two guards, catching them unaware.  With an expertly aimed shot from No One's crossbow, and Virgil's sword, the guards were soon floating down the creek.  The party continued into the cave in search of Sildar.  Soon they found the kitchen, Sildar unconscious and bound. Goblins attacked with swords and shields, spoons and forks, but their untrained tactics were no match for Gundren's Heroes.

Sildar explained the business he and Gundren had undertaken. Gundren had found a way back into the fabled Wave Echo Cave, thought lost to time in the last age. Gundren was taken to the bandit chief, Grol, so the factions of chaos and disarray could gain what power may lay in, and overthrow the civilized folk of the region.

As we sit here and rest, I worry for Gundren, and whose hands he has fallen into.  I also worry he has started something beyond his ability to control.  My people also have tales of the Wave Echo Cave, and while the wealth inside could be a boon to a great many people, it is perhaps best left to history.  On the other hand, oh what treasures could be inside!  And finding it!  Oh, we would be heroes for the ages! 

DM's Note - An excellent recap of the night's events by Nick, who earns his character an Inspiration, which stacks with the  Inspiration earned in-game.  Well done, Nick!  Remember players, someone can still earn an Inspiration by offering a comprehensive recap before our next game.