Thursday, January 8, 2015

Character Profile: Zook

Glimzookfrugsindri "Fnippernim" Ningel-Nackle

Mostly I go by "Zook", but I've found my people's love of names comes in handy. To...ah... change things up, if necessary. I can't use "Sindri Nim Nackle" in Waterdeep anymore, for example. There's a, um... Lord there. Lord Harsen Rind. See, while traveling with my old troupe, The Clash at Tethyamar Keep, (a very fine bunch of minstrels, travelers, actors and knaves) this lord gave us an...unfavorable review. He was, apparently, not a fan. I love a good insult, and never take them personally. They're quite a game, actually. So in retaliation I composed a rather bawdy song, of which he was the subject. It caught like wildfire, soon sung all over the city. I think maybe this lord was not popular with the common folk of the city. Now I'm kinda wanted. Well, "Sindri Nim Nackle" is wanted. At least there, by that querulous human. This isn't anything new, and probably will happen again in some other large city. It's part of the nature of being a traveling entertainer.

When we, my troupe, very willinginly and of our own volition left Waterdeep for Neverwinter, we decided to try something new. Instead of booking performances with nobles and inns, as a troupe, we took our talents our own way. It was supposed to be only for a couple weeks or so, each doing our own acts, and pooling the money made afterwards. However, I got lucky. Really lucky.

One night, at some inn, I noticed a couple of Dwarves in the audience, not uncommon, but sometimes it pays well to play to a small, but wealthy looking, part of the crowd. My retelling of famous Dwarven battle-songs and epics won them over. One of them, Gundren Rockseeker, offered me patronage. Actual patronage. It was a modest stipend, but included a room. I did, of course, work the contract in my favor. Us gnomes are excellent at such language.

In light of this patronage, I stayed in Neverwinter, performing at the behest of Mr. Rockseeker. I bade The Clash at Tethyamar Keep safe travels and good fortune. That troupe will always be my family, and my home. For now, our paths part. Someday I will rendesvous with them again, and will be welcome with open arms.

Soon Mr. Rockseeker says he has an important task for me. Undertaking an adventure. I suspect he will want me to record the stories, and compose songs of the heroics which take place. I am ready to meet my new companions, and embark again on the road.