Saturday, January 10, 2015

Character Profile: No One

No One, so named by his fellow orcs, never quite fit in with the rest of his tribe, The Broken Arrows. He was always considered to be "too human".  He was a little too bookish, a little too inquisitive, and a little more merciful than his fellow, full-blooded tribesmen and this set him apart in a significant way.

It was after a particularly brutal raid on a human village that things changed for No One.  He had mostly refused to take part in the wanton destruction and death and was brutally whipped by his chief as punishment.  It was during the whipping that No One had a vision from the God, Helm.  Helm chastised No One for failing to protect the innocent humans that his tribe had slaughtered.  He called on No One to lift the Gauntlet of Helm and be ever watchful in the cause of honor, strength and defense of the weak and innocent.  No One, inspired by the vision, rose up and killed his chief, Grak Slit-Eye, and fled the village.  Since then, he has dedicated his life to heeding Helm's call and defending the innocent of the Realms.  Subsequently, No One has accepted his name as a badge of honor.  He is the vessel through which he enacts the will of Helm, and, as such,  he is No One.


He of the Unsleeping Eyes, the Watcher, the Vigilant, the Vigilant One, the Great Guard, the God of Guardians
Intermediate Power of Nirvana
PORTFOLIO: Guardians, protectors, protection
DOMAIN NAME: Nirvana/Everwatch
ALLIES: Arvoreen, Clangeddin Silverbeard, Cyrrollalee, Gaerdal Ironhand, Gorm Gulthyn, Moradin, Torm, Yondalla
FOES: Bane (now dead), Bhaal (now dead), Garagos, Mask, Shar, Talos
SYMBOL: An open, staring eye with a blue pupil and outline painted on the back of a right-hand war gauntlet or the palm of a left-hand war gauntlet