Monday, January 12, 2015

Character Profile: Jatambe Kwazeel

Jatambe Kwazeel was born in the Chultan city of Mezro. He would have ended up just another thief if he hand't been found to have arcane talent by a wizard-hunter at a young age. His parents were overjoyed and helped him to attend the college of wizardry for several years and during this time he also found he had a penchant for roguish activities, with daring thefts of valuables and women's hearts.

Soon after graduating as a full wizard Jatambe was forced to leave Mezro hastily. The local law enforcement was about to catch up to him for an illicit job he had just pulled on a corrupt official. So before he was found and branded an outcast, Jatambe found his way to a pirate ship bound for northern waters where he met, and became close friends with Virgil.

Arriving in the northern port of Waterdeep he was soon picked out by a local thieves guild, allied with the pirates he had escaped Chult with, and forced to join. The other option not being overly pleasant in his opinion. He found he enjoyed most of the work, but some of the work was morally objectionable, so he found an excuse to leave with the help of one of his friends.

He now owes his guild-mate Grigor a debt for setting up his new position as a freelance thief of the guild, able to go about and do as he pleases. As long as he sends back a small fee every month or so, of course. He also tries to repay his parents with what little he can send back home to Chult.

He has a sharp mind and a love of freedom in all forms. Including freeing those he feels have more than they need of their valuables. His clever tongue can sometimes get away from him, but he is able to use it to his benefit as well. His biggest flaws are a great thirst for riches and magical knowledge, as well as his overbearing ideal for freedom.