Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Dramatis Personae

Player Characters

Prince Calder Dale  <Stats>         

 Daschell, The Spy Master

Arvidus Falon, Soldier-Mage

Rhysdan Pendor, The Inquisitor

Thorin, The Artificer

Portraits do not necessarily reflect the views of the players and were selected as reference points.


The Great Houses
House Dale

Jarl Olaf Dale - Leader of House Dale

Dagny (Torbault) Dale - Wife of Olaf Dale and Daughter of High King Hegrig Torbault

Cuylar Dale - Eldest son of Olaf Dale by his late first wife.

House Esben

Jarl Einar Esben - Leader of House Esben and bitter rivals to the Dales.

Falconar Esben - Eldest son of Einar Esben.  Recently murdered by unknown party.

Signe Esben - Daughter of Einar Esben and currently betrothed to Calder Dale.

Vildar the Bastard - Bastard of Einar Esben.

House Gunnar

Peredur Gunnar - Head of the House Gunnar, a minor house in the service of Esben.

Shahla Gunnar - Wife of Peredur and, like him, a skilled practitioner of Sorcery.

House Redgard

Jarl Halvar Redgard - Leader of House Redgard and a strong ally to the Dales.

Ayla Redgard - Wife of Halvar Redgard.

Rolli "The Bull" Redgard - Eldest son of Halvar Redgard.

Astra Redgard - Daughter of Halvar Redgard, formerly betrothed to Calder Dale.

House Pendor

Jarl Oli Pendor - Head of House Pendor and father of Rhysdan

Fallow Savja - Wife of Rhysdan and rumored to be a member of religious revival of the Old Gods

House Malmo

Current leadership unknown, but the House is rumored to have come into a large sum of riches recently.

Friends and Foes

Ingrid - A Legate from Kolding, currently in the service of House Dale.

Njall - Mysterious leader of House Dale's spy network.

Lothiriel - An elven envoy from the Witch Queen, warning of Darkspawn stirring in the North.

Celeborn - Elven Bladesinger and companion to Lothiriel.

Folcred - Knight-Herald of High King Hegrig, currently advising Jarl Dale
Jahzir - Sarcosan Sussar and Commander of the Wall.  Currently raising troops in Port Esben.

Aethelgar - a Legate stirring up interest in the Old Golds.  Known as "The Prophet".

Clan Doran - A Dwarven Clan called "Black Bloods" by their fellow dwarves.