Monday, September 15, 2014

Football Blues

It sucks when the Seahawks lose.  Not so much because they actually lost the game, that's going to happen.  What bothers me is that my expectations are SO high, that a loss like this hurts even more.  To add insult to injury, now the general NFL population is crowing that the Seahawks were "exposed".  Give me a break.  They played like shit, which is going to happen and the Chargers played great.  You have got to hand it to Philip Rivers.  He's a tough son of a bitch and their future HOF TE, Antonio Gates, is one of the best ever.  The Chargers won that game, no doubt about it.  But it's not the end of the world for Seahawks fans, as much as Seahawk haters would love it to be.

Prediction:  If the Broncos win next week in Seattle, which may happen, look for Broncos fans to scream that the Superbowl was a fluke and the Seahawks cheated.  I'll bet money on it.

Oh, extra salt on the fantasy team laid another giant egg.  Why do I even play?  I'm clearly not very good at it.