Friday, September 26, 2014

Actual Play!

Session two of our Burning Midnight Campaign was completed tonight.  Since session one was character burning, this was our first opportunity to actually play the game.  I can say that a few of our players entered the game with some trepidation regarding the complexity of the game, but everyone had a great time and agreed that the game plays better than it reads.  The complexity of the game lent itself to a feeling that anything and everything can be resolved using the rules.  What surprised me about the game is that combat never happened and we didn't care.  We mostly used social skills and we all still had fun.  I'm sure that many game systems can claim to be fun without combat in a session, but the truth is that most center and resolve around conflict.  Well, we had conflict and tension in our game, but still never drew steel nor engaged in any form of combat...and we loved it!  I would have to say that the game exceeded all my expectations and I can now see why people say that The Burning Wheel is their favorite game system.  After only one session I'm not quite ready to make that proclamation, but give me a few more and I can easily see sharing that belief.  The Burning Wheel may not be for everyone but I can honestly say now that it is for me.