Monday, August 18, 2014

Burning Midnight

I just can't help myself.  When I find a new game that intrigues me, I must play it.  Sadly, that means my players find our campaigns suddenly cast aside in favor of something new...and often something very different.

That's where The Burning Wheel by Luke Crane comes in.  We were enjoying a rousing campaign of Dungeon World and all was well with the world.  Then, on that proverbial dark and stormy night, I happened across a review of Burning Wheel Gold.  It grabbed me.  It slapped me about the head and shoulders and screamed in my face, "You must try this.  Now!"

How could I refuse?  So I purchased the rule book (It's actually quite reasonably priced at just 25 bucks!  Take that, WOTC!), dove into the Google+ community, and watched as many actual play videos as I could find.  I was convinced that I needed to play the game, the problem's damn complicated.  I was swimming!  I decided to seek help.

Long story short, I found a local player who is experienced at BW.  I coerced/bribed/begged until he agreed to run the game for my group.  I would actually be able to play the game and learn it before trying to run it for my hapless    So, the first session of what I'm calling "Burning Midnight" (you've got to have a pithy title for your game with the word burning in it.  Hey, it's in the rule book!) and the first session is scheduled to kick off this Friday, August 22nd.

Play report/reactions/review is forthcoming.  If I'm lucky I'll get some of the other players to post something as well.

TL;DR:  I'm playing Burning Wheel and I couldn't be happier.  Now go back and read the post, you lazy bastard!