Thursday, August 21, 2014

Blackpowder over Harn

So, aside from the Burning Wheel game I'm going to be playing tomorrow, I'm also involved in a play by post game using the Fate rules by Evil Hat Games.  We are using a modified version of FAE, or Fate Accelerated Edition, which is the "light" version of Fate Core.  Fate is an interesting animal.  I ran a brief game of Call of Cthulhu using Fate Core a while back and while it was fun, the players just didn't like the system enough to continue.  I'm sure a lot of that was my fault as I was still trying to learn the system.  Anyway, the PbP game is using the Harn setting and is being run by my internet buddy, Geoff Spakes.  Geoff is known for his work on the western RPG Sidewinder:  Recoiled.  Yeah, I can name drop with the best of 'em!  I ran Sidewinder:  Recoiled at the DragonFlight convention a few years back and it was one of the most rewarding games I've ever run in a convention setting.

I've decided to run a rogue, which seems like an easy choice.  I've never really participated in a PbP game, so I wanted to play a pretty simple character.  Here's the initial idea:

Refresh:  3

High Concept:  Agile Rogue
Trouble:  Fish out of Water

  •  Quick as a Rabbit, Sly as a Fox
  •  Favored by Clan Zwaiga of Tawheim
  •  When words fail, my blade responds
  • Nimble as a Mouse - Because I'm deceptively dexterous, If I get a boost while I'm being a Rogue in a physical manner I may use it to create the situational aspect Befuddled Observers on the scene with 2 free invokes.
  • Silver Tongue - Because I've learned to talk myself out of a sticky situation, I get a +1 when I'm being diplomatic and trying to overcome a tense situation.
If you're familiar with Fate or FAE let me hear your thoughts.  I could use all the help I can get!

Oh, if you're curious about the version of FAE that we're using, here is the document: FAE+ .

Geoff, if I overstepped my bounds posting that, let me know and I'll yank it.